Logitech MX Mechanical linux

Logitech MX Mechanical works on Linux out of the box. Except these keys:

  • Dictation
  • Emoji
  • Screenshot
  • Microphone mute
  • Search

Thankfully, in Solaar, they are remappable, if you have the latest solaar version.

Making Screenshot key work

key/button Diversion: Screenshot: unlock, screenshot, diverted

Then click the Rule Editor and enter the following:

rule: condition: key: Screenshot, key press: Print

You can put the rule anywhere, just not within other rules. I put mine on top.

Making Microphone mute work

Keyboard shortcut to mute microphone, that works in any window seems the most useful to me.

key/button Diversion: Mute Microphone Search: unlock, screenshot, diverted

Then click the Rule Editor and enter the following:

Rule: condition: key: Mute Microphone, execute: your custom script.

My script has this content:

#! /bin/bash
amixer -D pulse sset Capture toggle

The point it to toggle the microphone. You can google the proper command depending on your configuration.

I had to use a bash script, I was not able to get the paths to work (no such file errors in solar -dd output)

Don’t forget to make the script executable.

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thanks SO MUCH – this worked wonderfully for print screen. Looks like I don’t have the latest version of solaar though for the microphone mute as this is not an option in the diverted list.

Thank you so much – this really helped…

However, there is a „better“ setting for the microphone divert – use a Key press „XF86_AudioMicMute“. No need for a script.

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