Několik fotek z typicky české vesnice Slavonice:

Couple of new photos from Czech Vilage:

From slavonice


HDR pre-processing

I did a quick little testing whether you can get better image quality by processing images before you do an HDR. I used Lightroom, current version as of time of writing is 2.7.

Top part of the testing image is HDR made from images exported out of lightroom, processed at default settings. You can export tiffs from Lightroom or choose the export for photomatix from file menu, result is the same.
Bottom part of the image is an HDR made from original raw files with no processing. Lightroom’s original dng files have of course no processing.

Click image for larger version.

Nothing some sharpening won’t fix. Just make sure you don’t forget to process your HDR’s!


Free RAW, DNG codec for 64-bit Windows

There is a free 64-bit Windows codec which allows you to view previews of your DLSR raw files. Does work in good old 32-bit windows too. FastPictureViewer WIC RAW Codec Pack
No longer for free.


Fotím HDR / Shooting HDR

Album: Lasenice

No já fotím všechno na HDR protože je to in a cool. Taky mne zajímá ten proces, experimentuju s tím, někdy to přeženu a pak zjistim, že to vypada lip obyčejně… Je to trochu móda, ale má to smysl, něco se nedá bez HDR zachytit.

I usually shoot all landscapes in HDR, it’s just IN. I like to experiment, sometimes overdoing it.