Bug in Remote Desktop client

I found this bug in remote desktop client from Microsoft.
When You have Terminal service gateway configured, it is displayed on the toolbar even when the gateway is not used at all. Especially troubling is message “The connection to gateway server is encrypted”.

If ssl breaks, the client connecting to the server has no idea this has happened.


Fotím HDR / Shooting HDR

Album: Lasenice

No já fotím všechno na HDR protože je to in a cool. Taky mne zajímá ten proces, experimentuju s tím, někdy to přeženu a pak zjistim, že to vypada lip obyčejně… Je to trochu móda, ale má to smysl, něco se nedá bez HDR zachytit.

I usually shoot all landscapes in HDR, it’s just IN. I like to experiment, sometimes overdoing it.