porovnání clony / f-stop compare

Porovnání velikosti clony (f-stop) na ostrost fotografií. Zvětšení 300%

Photo sharpness in relation to f-stop. Magnified 300%




Dobrým rozvržením ostrých a neostrých částí fotografie se dá dobře podtrhnout předmět fotografie.

Keeping some parts of the photograph sharp and other soft can emphasize the subject.

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My HDR process

I use a combination of several software packages. Excellent PTGui from the Netherlands and Photomatix plus you favourite image editor.
I just got a good question on Google+:

I’m already using photomatix. I’ll have to give ptgui a try. My guess is that you batch process all the frames in photomatrix and then stitch them using ptgui. I’ll assume you shoot in RAW.

You guess correct, that is the fastest method, but it requires that you shoot all frames from a stable tripod. Don’t use image-align and crop functions in Photomatix, because PTGui can’t handle different sized source images. I usually just merge to 32-bit .exr HDR image, run ptgui and tonemap last.

You might also need a good panoramic head, especially in close quarters. When shooting landscapes, usually any tripod head will do.

I shoot raw, but I don’t think it is really necessary if you specify white balance manually upfront and watch your histograms.
Also, I shoot manual in case I can’t get photomatix batch to line up.

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Porovnání dynamického rozsahu / Dynamic range comparison

Porovnání dynamického rozsahu (zleva) mobilu, zastaralého kompaktu a zrcadlovky-DSLR. Nakonec vpravo je HDR s rozsahem 9 EV.
Povšimněte si prokreslení oblohy, případně přepálení oblohy do bíla. Také si povšimněte zda jsou vidět detaily v tmavých částech obrazu.

Dynamic range comparison of (from the left) a cell phone, old compact camera and DSLR. Finaly, on the right, there is an HDR with dynamic range of 9 EV. Please note the sky detail – or lack thereof and detail in the shadowy parts of the image.

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